Executive Coaching Accreditation


Our organization is committed to helping ensure that all those involved in coaching are appropriately competent. We provide accreditation to both individual coaches and to coaching organizations.

Accreditation from provides assurance to clients that their executive coach is up to the task and fit for purpose. It also provides support and continuing development for the coaches themselves. Although the world of executive coaching is diverse and complicated, our aim is to streamline the accreditation process to meet the dual needs of: 

  • Organizations - who want to use effective, valuable accredited executive coaches

  • Coaches - professional seeking recognition, accreditation, a resource for sharing best practice and for developing new ideas.

Coaching differs from other forms of development because the coach is frequently working without the benefit of colleagues immediately available for support. Additionally, the confidentiality of the coaching relationship means that coaches carry significant responsibilities that they have to deal with alone. We therefore also provide a useful peer group advisory service.

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