....Boards Fit For Purpose...
   Making Boards Fit For Purpose
 All our activities are carried out with the highest levels of sensitivity and confidentiality. Our work with Boards covers 3 main areas.

Board Reviews: We carry out in-depth assessments of each board member with a view to helping them perform better together as group. Our reviews consider individual and group effectiveness in relation to interactions, decision making, responding to VUCA, external communication and crisis handling.

Board On-Boarding: One of the most important decisions a board makes is when and how to bring on a new board member. Our board on-boarding service covers every aspect of this key activity ensuring that it is carried out in the most effective manner. It normally involves an in-depth assessment of the qualities of the new board member.

Board Cohesiveness Events: We host Board off-sites in UK or overseas to consider renewed visions and strategies, as well as creating opportunities for promoting Board cohesion. These events often also include key-note speakers and thought leaders.

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