...High performance coaches 
for high performance organisations...
  Our Track Record  & Experience
Our sector experience includes :

  • Investment Banking 
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Services
  • Food conglomerates
  • Logistics
  • High Tech and IT
  • Motor manufacturing
  • Government Agencies

We have worked with Leaders in the following roles and many more besides:

  • Board members / C-Suite
  • CEO / CIO / Head of Risk
  • Global Compliance Operations
  • Global Brand Marketing
  • Global ITQ
  • Regional operations
  • Country managers
  • Global Legal and Governance

Structure. We pride ourselves in being able to both provide structured and meaningful executive coaching solutions, as well a high degree of flexibility to suit the needs of every individual's operating reality. This means that:

- We provide packages that are normally six months or six sessions in duration, whichever is the longer

- We organise our coaching sessions at times and locations to suit the needs of our clients.

- Our coaching sessions meet both strategic and operational requirements, as well focusing on longer term leadership and career development needs.

Style. Total confidentiality is of course a given. Beyond that we match our coach styles to provide an appropriate degree of challenge supported by years of understanding. This helps our coaches create a strong working empathy, quickly and effectively.

If you or your organisation  has a particular need, or if you would like to discuss a situation with us, please contactinfo@globalexecutivecoaches.com