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Leadership Supercharge Programme       

What’s the value of time out?

We know of many senior leadership teams who find themselves in the thick of hectic business lives, fire-fighting their way through each day full of complex issues each with competing priorities.  Some find they lose their sense of direction and even their sense of purpose.

The resulting stress and fatigue eventually catches up with them, they begin to lose focus and become less engaged in their role, less committed to their organisation, eroding their self-belief and confidence. 

Sounds at all like you? How often do you take the time to:

  • Review where how you are working as a senior leadership team

  • Take an overview of what you could be doing as a senior leadership team and compare it to what you are actually doing?

  • Reflect and recharge your energy resources?

  • Gain valuable input from your colleagues on your opportunities?

  • Consider the impact of your roles on your well-being?

  • Share input from truly independent and experienced executive coaches.

Through our Leadership Supercharge, we help our clients to reconnect with themselves, their ambitions, and their careers.  Supporting them to press the pause button for a time to unwind and recalibrate.  

What are the benefits for you?

You are transported from your normal environment into relaxing and comfortable accommodation.  Here you’ll restore your sense of well-being and purpose in a 2½ day stress-free, confidential and safe environment.  A place to focus on and review your alignment with your career and current organisational goals and aspirations;   rebooting your internal software to maximise your capabilities and ambitions.

Supported and challenged by dedicated, professionally qualified & highly experienced executive coaches, you’ll move into a more strategic growth mind-set to re-calibrate your thinking.  You’ll return to work having created space and time to consider issues on your horizon, worked through problems in detail and explored possible new directions and innovative solutions.

Typically Leadership Supercharges are aimed at senior executive teams  that feel that they’re over-stretched, overwhelmed and who know they’d really benefit from the chance to pause, reflect and reboot.

3 Tier Benefits: Individual, Team & Organisation

The ROI for executive coaching is proven to be very high “2,685% at EON UK” (Riddler Report 2016). Organisations that support their senior executives in attending our Leadership Supercharge will realise the following three tier benefits:

  • An opportunity for your senior executives to have the time to gather their thoughts and plan their strategy.

  • Time for your new senior execs to explore and develop their leadership style.

  • Time for your senior leaders to explore their personal and organisational impact, communication and influence.

Package Outline

  • Just over 2 days in an inspiring environment.

  • For foreign venues, collection from airport arranged by us, maximum transfer time typically 35 mins

  • Excellent food and wine, along with comfortable and well-appointed individual en-suite accommodation.

  • Two individual coaching sessions each with dedicated, experienced executive coach, plus one coaching session about one month after your return.

  • Senior Executive Teams sizes of 8 to 12.

  • Guided exercise and relaxation available.

We prefer foreign venues, to move away from the British climate, whenever possible.  Typical venues are interesting and peaceful environments about 30 minutes from hub airports, which offer space for both independent relaxation and thinking time, alongside interaction with your colleagues.

The Coaches

Highly experienced executive coaches will be resident at the venue. You will be offered at least 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions during the weekend. The sessions will prompt you to think about where you are with your role and what you might want to consider in order to further enhance your success.

Our coaches use their experience to provide highly flexible interactions to ensure that you get exactly what you want from the retreat. Throughout the weekend we help you through the process of:

Pause…to gather your thoughts

Reflect…on what you want and need to do next

Reboot…finding the right energy and resources to move you forward.

For those who are interested, we will also be sharing some of our thoughts on Reflective Leadership and other current topics.

Next Steps:

Please contact us to discuss the specific details of our Leadership Supercharges.  Group packages available for teams. For further details please contact: info@globalexecutivecoaches.com